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L – World Languages Shennard, Ms. NHS chapter officers and members planned, organized and worked the event, solicited donations and encouraged family and friends to participate. Children tested their mouse and memory skills with a match game. Having proficiency with MS Excel is considered by many a valuable technology skill, and being certified as a specialist in MS Excel is a proud accomplishment. Eighth grade students worked hard on their first Python programming experience, Toxic Jungle by Tynker and in addition, students manipulated their google websites using HTML code. A – Art Luongo, Mr. They are not just learning technical tips, but understanding the decision-making encountered when using the network and why Acceptable Use Policies are followed.

J – Co-op Leventhal, Mrs. J – Nurse Suter, Mr. These credits are transferable to other universities. Each high school team delivered a presentation that elaborated on current marketing and financial problems. The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy sponsored the stock market competition.

Students may enroll in more than one BCIT Dual Enrollment course and graduate high school with a maximum of fifteen college credits. K – Music O’Neill, Mrs.

Each high school team delivered a presentation that elaborated on current marketing and financial problems.

Business Department / What’s trending in BCIT?

Teams also delivered a plan that made recommendations for future growth, evaluated relocation options and offered managerial solutions. This was a National Consumers League Competition held in February and assessed student knowledge in five areas: For details about student benefit and curriculum enhancement, view the above video.

The grant will encourage our students to acquire professional certifications that validate competency and skills. These credits are transferrable to other universities. Hour of Code is an international effort designed to reach millions of students all caee the globe for the purpose of demystifying computer science and showing that anybody can learn the basics.


Jeopardy categories included banking, types of credit, the workplace, taxes, budgeting, investments, purchasing a car, retirement and estate planning, bankruptcy, insurance, consumer rights, bank services, credit ratings and laws, and buying a home.

bcit case study competition

Congratulations to those Neshaminy students who attended this distinguished program over the summer. Children and guests were able to scan their fingerprints and have a digital analysis performed by students.

The seventh com;etition continued coding in Scratch. The BCIT Department is pleased to see the students succeed and benefit from this industry credential. One Maple Point student stated how much she enjoyed being engaged using this type of interactive quiz.

We can continue to accept donations through April, so we are hoping this amount will greatly increase. There were three rounds of competition: This is an industry certification administered by Microsoft and recognized worldwide. It is a etudy for the students and district to partner in more project-based learning opportunities benefiting all involved. This week students took time to explore job opportunities in the computer science field, relative statistics for computer science college majors and career areas for computer science in sports, construction, agriculture, fashion, medicine, engineering, public safety and the arts.

Hamber Business Education Students Win at the BCIT High School Case Study Competition 2015

The BCIT Department at Neshaminy High School is pleased to provide curriculum that teaches technology skills to students for both professional and personal benefit.

Activities provided by Code.

These courses are offered through the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department at the high school where students may choose to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. These credits are transferable to other universities. Skip to Main Content.


bcit case study competition

The social teams are the core of the remarkable JDC West culture. Fifth grade students also completed popular dance moves and songs as their programs responded to timed events and user input in order to create dance animations with code. Delegates are trained to think critically and effectively communicate ideas through written and verbal mediums. Exceptional keynote speakers also inspire participants by sharing personal messages of motivation.

Teams analyze business case studies and present their findings and recommendations to a panel of industry professionals. Children tested their mouse and memory skills with a match game. A second Neshaminy team also competed and performed very well for the panel of judges.

Students are learning more about food insecurity issues and are responsible for building inventory.

The objective is to create a place where students may go during the day to receive assistance when chromebook devices are not operating properly. There were 75 teams who participated in the competition across the state. Timing was important to consider when coding the compeittion.

We congratulate Ryan on his scholarship and wish him continued success as he attends Millersville University in the fall.