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I am never a lab person. Prof Too had 4 lectures 2 chapters with us. The lac operon was also covered. Additional readings are totally not necessary for us, it was the Harvard Business Review articles. It was definitely the heaviest semester in NUS so far.

This module is about evolution from mainly the historical point of view. My group selected GWAS because that was one of the two topics left behind. His portion was way way simpler. Played rugby football for the Navy. The module ended with a final few lectures by Prof Theresa Tan that served somewhat as a summary to link all 3 portions of the module together, to give a more holistic and complete picture, concluding the entire module. I kinda enjoyed this module towards the end as I completed my revision and everything fell into place. The objective of this course is to introduce and highlight the strategic importance of operations, and the fundamental principles and concepts of effective operations management.

But Prof Lehming goes into the nitty gritty details of the procedure and the rationale behind each step. I am only left with 1 SU csc2006, and am 2 modules behind schedule.

dsc2006 term paper

It focuses on how animals adapt to natural e. The bell curve was really steep. A break I really look forward to. It was a sour feeling when I ended the CA2, fearing for my grades.

But the topics got more heavy thereafter Hypoxia, osmoregulation, kidney liver functions etc. Ensure that you thoroughly understand the rational dsc2060 the statistical model, know how to interpret correctly the SPSS output and make accurate and relevant conclusions. I took H2 biology and chemistry and took H2 bridging physics in university.


That was where he lost me, and I never quite found my way back. Prof Caroline herself admitted that this is the toughest topic and she was happy we were challenging ourselves. I also found the questions either very easy or very difficult, despite them having tefm same marks — bad.

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Defence Force Discipline Act which are independent but reside administratively within Defence. In short, the entire assignment became screwed up. Thoughts about the tutor: There were a fair amount of formula to be acquainted with cheat sheet allowedbut otherwise they should be rather straight forward as long as one understands the concept.

Pretty technical and mundane content. He is good in explaining and summarising the concepts taught each week during the lectures, usually before he starts the lesson proper.

Statistics for tegm science This module introduces life science students to the basic principles and methods of biostatistics, and their applications and interpretation. Efforts will be made to. Good to know some dates open book anyway. I took this module as it was known to be a light module plus it ties up nicely with LSM, plus it is a core module and it fits my timetable with 1 bid xsc2006. I guess this module is generally enjoyable and interesting for most people according to the numerous positive reviews.

His dsc206 was an open ended question regarding the molecular basis behind a cardiovascular phenomenon, in which we had to search the web for relevant information research paper dsc20066 and cite them accordingly. In short, facts and understanding was tested.


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The professor is Ms Susan Seetoh, who has been solely in charge of this module for the past few years. His notes are pretty much just pictures, so they are useless if not annotated.

The biology reasoning behind the various major theories of evolution. DNA topology, hierarchy of packaging of DNA in chromosomes and relationship to gene activity and genome dynamics.

This module is split into two sections, both with relatively equal weightage and content. This module aims to examine the physiological and dsc0206 adaptations of animals which permit them to thrive in diverse environments. However, I was intending to SU this module from the start, and so spent pqper anytime on this module.

dsc2006 term paper

I was too lazy to do a module review in semester 1 and have decided to merge both semesters together. The part on thermodynamics encompasses topics such as temperature and zeroth law of thermodynamics, temperature scales, thermal expansion, heat and internal energy, thermal processes, first law of thermodynamics, ideal gas laws and kinetic theory of gasses.

He also covered papper much greater detail than in JC, viral infection by phage and its life cycle. Those with a background in all 3 discipline of science will be at an advantage.

dsc2006 term paper

The bell curve is really steep, making scoring difficult.