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Anita, for all her effort, could not explain many of the concepts properly. The Campaign on Television Tues 23 May: Take it as a foundation to see if you’re actually interested in politics and international relations, but don’t expect it to inspire you. Enjoyment 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars. Don’t be fooled by the enticing course description or like me how much you enjoyed Politics in the first semester – do NOT take this course. Anita just recited everything she wrote on her enormous, entirely too prosaic slides. However I believe your argument is more suited to a Philosophy essay than a Politics essay” in other words ‘Agree with us or stfu’ Yeah, please do not take this paper; the thought of someone else going through this keeps me up at night.

This is a misuse of the term sic. A positive point to Anita’s never-changing voice is the fact you can pretty much use it to dictate some great class notes. Thomas Gregory is a very biased lecturer and makes his left leaning stance well known through Trump and conservative party jokes. It feels more like a History course than a Politics course. This review was posted on February 16,

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As many others said I found the old textbook far more applicable. If you want to excoriate an author’s sexism, do it; but do not misreport him, or misreport her.

Many from my class got marked down for not referencing in poliitcs prep task which, sure its university and you need to reference everything but this is a first semester stage 1 course with students who some of which haven’t had to reference before. Politics and International Relations can give you the tools to be successful in both the public and private sectors. Politics and International Relations.


politics coursework guide uoa

The exam was also marked very harshly. This review was posted on April 10, Lectures are given by Dr Geoff Kemp and speakers from academia and the news media. It’s disorganised, overly difficuly and taught by boring lecturers minus Dr Maria Armoudian who is excellent and a goddess whomst you should bow down to Don’t take this course, it’s not worth it.

I reconsidered politics as a major after this course But it is also relevant to anyone who is a member of the New Zealand public and who watches, listens to, or reads the media — which is everyone.

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politics coursework guide uoa

Carr Perhaps one of the most-read works about history of the 20th-century, E. The book is a collaborative work for use in several New Zealand university courses and its chapter sequence may differ from the lecture sequence: Stuff You Missed in History Class Hosted by the team from howstuffworks, this podcast covers all sorts of different historical stories from ancient to modern times.

This review was posted on November 04, Somewhat enjoyable, but also sleep inducing. The questions in assignments are asked in such a way so that you can only agree.

NO point attending lectures as she just reads off the slides This review cokrsework posted on October 30, Produced and curated by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this website is full of interesting biographies and media resources about NZ history.

They will mark you down for referring to anything that they determine falls outside of their little “International Relations Studies” bubble no matter how relevant it is to the topic or essay being written 4: I only found out a few days before it was due that we had to approach the entire topic in my case global warming with a certain theoretical framework. Tutorials will start in the second week of semester, by which time you should know the time and location of your tutorial, having enrolled for one online.

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Anita is very very boring. This review was posted on March 29, Interesting course content, found it quite intellectually stimulating.

Syllabus for POLITICS Politics and the Media

Don’t be fooled by the enticing course description or like me how much you enjoyed Politics in the first semester – do NOT take this course. Oooooh, the horror, how dare the lecturers and tutors show opposition to a man who: Because speaking out will only put you in their bad books, and lead to lower grades.

To be fair, it’s easy enough to pass, I got a B and hardly went to lecturers and there is lots of assistance if needed. Didn’t like it at all.

The assignment pretty straight forward, but the exam was a bit of a time constraint with the amount you had to write. This review was posted on May 17, Course difficulty is very average but lecturer makes it near impossible to engage with the content. This could have been fixed by a simple, “You need to use references in this task”.

politics coursework guide uoa

For a stage 1 course, the assignments and exam are marked far too harshly and they expected way more than anyone could give.