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Having to have a balanced diet for Soo Bahk Do is an excuse to have a balanced diet in life and that is really good for me. Other kids followed my example. My flexibility has also increased and although I am not the most flexible person I will continue to work on it. On good days, just by remembering the basics, thinking it through and feeling it out, I can find the next move. Soo Bahk Do has helped shape me to become the person I am today. Courage is something that everyone needs to grow and progress.

Some barriers may be thicker than others, but we can get through them all if we have enough courage to break them down. Although I need to work on that still Soo Bahk has helped me a lot with that. When I go to soccer we have to do sit-ups if we mess up and I find that they are a lot easier to do after training Soo Bahk Do because we do sit-ups in Soo Bahk Do. A recent way I have showed this was last Friday when a guest came to stay at our house over the weekend. For me I am always very proud when people say they do karate or something and I can say that I do Soo Bahk Do because Soo Bahk Do is special and it is not just about fighting there is an art to it and it is as if it is almost a dance.

Soo Bahk Do has helped shape me to become the person I am today.

The stances are done in a certain way because physics dictates that that certain way gives more power, or more speed. My hope is that these good days come closer together as I train more and quickly, to offset my memory which gets eesay as I get older!! That is what Soo Bahk Do means to me. Having to have a balanced diet for Soo Bahk Do is an e to have a balanced diet in life and that is really good for me.


From this, I learned a lesson. March 25, at 3: Now I am testing for green belt and I cant help but look back and see how amazing it has been and what I have taken away from the class.

But I humbled myself to the advice of my parents and teachers and worked hard.

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These values and concepts have helped prepare me for my rank advancement and I think I am ready both mentally and physically for this test. I have also learned how to defend my self. Soo Bahk Do has also made me think more about philosophy. Salt Lake City, UT.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

Perhaps it was this positive attitude that led both of us walk away with a first place trophy; her in free sparring, and mine in forms. Yong Gi is the Korean way of saying courage. I just think that is fascinating. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

Soo Bahk Do has also helped me with my schoolwork. They feel correct because it is the right way for the body to do them. When we are just standing, I try not to fidget, I try to fan.

I feel like sometimes you are bwhk while training Soo Bahk Do and sometimes you are not. Essau I am stronger I feel better about myself and I feel as if the better I feel about myself the more confident I am about myself the better I do while training Soo Bahk Do.

I showed courage in church by bearing my testimony in sacrament meeting this month. Only these factors will bring a negative influence on bahj relationships. We need courage to break through the mental barriers leading to maturation. Learning Chil Sung Sa Ro Hyung by watching Sa Bom Nim demonstrate it, and through asking sesay, must surely be parallel to the way martial artists learned forms many year ago at least similar to the method used by Dan members and candidates beforewhen the Volume 2 instruction book of advanced forms was published.


This motivates me to continue my assistance of these classes. I want to finish what I started. This past summer, I spent a great deal of time at the studio and spent an enormous amount of time with the people here.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here That is a fear So have to face to be a 3 rd gup. Even though sometimes I feel as if it is too hard I know that it is making me stronger and that stronger is better. Soo Bahk Do has helped me sio because I have gotten so much stronger and more flexible.

These three concepts are my favorites at this time in my MOO DO d because I feel it impossible to assess my past, presence, and future performance without being honest with myself and others. I think that some day Soo Bahk Do will not only change my life but it will help me to change the lives of other people, too. I travel for business quite a bit, and find myself practicing and training in hotel rooms.