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Even solid particles may enter deep into the follicular orifice, a phenomenon that lends itself to the concept of follicular targeting of drugs. Massage with oils, application of paste of medicines etc. A grading system was adopted for assessment:. Investigations Routine investigations of blood, urine and stool were carried out before treatment to rule out any systemic diseases. Kaviraj Ambikadatta Shastri, editor. The overall assessment of the study reveals that 10

CD — Clinically deteriorated that is, increase in severity score against initial score CS — Clinically stable that is, severity of score remains same as against initial score CI-1 — Clinical improvement mild that is, one grade reduction against initial score CI-2 — CI moderate that is, two grade reduction against initial score CI-3 — CI good that is, three grade reduction against initial score. J Econ Taxon Bot. Lepa paste was prepared by using fine powder of 10 Varnya Gana drugs and luke warm water as media for mixing. Support Center Support Center. Introduction Smooth and glowing complexion of the face increases the beauty of a person and also gives self-confidence. Materials and Methods Source of data Patients, fulfilling the clinical criteria of Vyanga were randomly selected irrespective of their sex, religion, occupation, etc. Varnya Gana is basically meant for the task of restoring the natural color and complexion of the body.

Patients were advised to apply freshly prepared Lepa twice daily morning and eveningnot to apply over the previous Lepa and at night time.

thesis on vyanga

The Kashaya Rasa removes the Twak Vaivarnyata and helps to attain the normal skin color. Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan; The method adopted to assess the skin color and lesion color through the color grading scale. DonUsheera Vetiveria zizanioides L.


Shreevathsa2 Vasudev A. Both trial drugs showed encouraging results.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Conclusion Both trial drugs showed encouraging results. Written consent was taken from each patient willing to participate before starting the study. Among many diseases concerned with cosmetic values, Vyanga is common disease known to us from thousands of years. The study design was a single group clinical —interventional study of 15 days with a pre, post, and follow-up assessment after 15 days.

Management of Vyanga (facial melanosis) with Arjuna Twak Lepa and Panchanimba Churna

A total 30 patients of Vyanga were selected from outpatient department and inpatient department of Shalakya Tantra Department and allotted randomly in two groups. Skin texture oiliness – The effect of therapy was assessed on the basis of subjective and objective criteria. Patients fulfilling the diagnostic criteria, between the age group 16 and 60 years, irrespective of sex, religion, occupation, and chronicity were selected for the vjanga.

CD — Clinically deteriorated that is, increase in severity score against initial score. In Samprapti of VyangaAcharya Charaka has mentioned that the aggravation of Pitta along with Rakta is the chief culprit for initiation thesid the pathology.

Though it is considered as Kshudra Roga minor diseasehas got a major importance as a cosmetic problem in the society. Vyanga type of Kshudra Rogacharacterised by Niruja painlessShyava Vywnga Mandalas bluish black patches occurring especially on the face. Pattern of changes in the color of Mandalas with the treatment in group B In Group B, before treatment, in seven patients the Mandalas were bluish black colored, in five patients the Mandalas were dark brown colored and in three patients om Mandalas were light brown colored.

thesis on vyanga

Despite the advent of powerful pigment-targeting lasers, the treatment for melasma remains challenging. Hyperpigmentation caused due to any systemic diseases such as Addison’s disease, Cushing syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus, hyperpigmentation since birth like nevus and those caused by tumors such as malignant melanoma.


thesis on vyanga

The total mean of the lesion color before treatment was vynga Ch 13, Ver The ingredients of Panchanimba Churna are depicted at Table 1. By the term Twachi Vipakva ,[ 12 ] it can be said that the drug is absorbed by virtue of Vipaka into the circulation.

Table 3 Assessment of clinical improvement in all the parameters. Dermatology for Skin of Colour; p. The patients understand that their names and initials will not be published and due efforts will be made to conceal their identity, but anonymity cannot be guaranteed.

thesis on vyanga

Kaviraj Shri Ambikadatta Shastri. Open in a separate window. The mode of action of the drug under trial can be understood on the basis of inherent properties of the drug.

thesis on vyanga

Observations and Results Maximum number of patients He wrote short essays and plays to sinhala weekly papers and magazines, Vyanga with K.

Varnya Gana Lepa is an effective formulation in Vyanga melasma and shows statistically highly significant improvement in the MASI scores by reducing the darkness parameter along with subjective parameters such as itching and burning sensation.

Introduction Smooth and cyanga complexion of the face increases the beauty of a person and also gives self-confidence.