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Applications from international students with either missing or low TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores are processed no differently than regular applications, with the exception that remarks are placed in the department evaluation screen in AY to call attention to the lack of the required exam and an email is sent to the DGS. Embassy-sponsored students need no assistantships, awards, or waivers from the department. An email to the International Admissions Coordinator explaining what the department is willing to do will help in communicating with the applicant. UNCG will not tolerate any harassment of or discrimination against persons. Interested students must complete a graduate degree application through Slate.

Plan of Study Deadline: Graduate students explain and present their work through poster presentations. To save your changes you will click the Save button located at the bottom of the page. Registration is limited, and preference will be given to students who are able to attend all five days of the Boot Camp on a first come-first serve basis. September 9, — November 10, February 4, — April 12, June 2, — July 14, Its five-level curriculum, with 23 hours per week of instruction, prepares students for success in academic and professional situations.

The form should be completed by the student with two key components: Once in the Advisor Information block the top advisor listed will be highlighted; this represents the advisor currently assigned to this student.

In the application they will complete an Accelerated Degree Program section, which requires them to list their intended ADP courses. Departments that establish a progression policy for certificate students can avoid problems in determining if the minimum expectations have been met.

uncg dissertation guide

When students begin to write their thesis, dissertation, or program papers, they may find that regularly scheduled blocks of time in the company of other gjide writers may alleviate feelings of isolation or the frustration that comes from lack of inspiration.


Interested students must complete a graduate degree application through Slate.

Documents & Forms

If using unusual fonts, be sure to use embeddable Type 1 or TrueType fonts. From that website you also have the option of submitting your verification of existing insurance.

uncg dissertation guide

The Graduate School participates in the following three interinstitutional agreements. Advising The DGS is the initial advisor of all graduate students. There are numerous ways to prepare the Table of Contents.

Dissertation Defenses – The Graduate School

The Graduate School also recommends that departments post their student handbooks in PDF format online, and keep them updated as new editions appear. Graduate Write-ins are perfect for graduate students who are looking for a quiet space to write. The deadlines for the approval and final copies appear on the University Calendar on the Web, and on the Information for New and Continuing Students flyer distributed prior to registration each semester.

Each application to the Graduate School will result in one admission decision. These resources include information on crafting a CV or resume, learning to interview effectively, and building networks.

Thesis and Dissertation Manual. The Teaching Assistant Resources page provides Graduate Teaching Assistants with resources, training information and other materials.

These are designed to be free flowing events that encourage students to come together to write. Admission The DGS is responsible for establishing and maintaining department admissions standards.

This will open the option to search the various on your computer. The websites you are now exploring uuncg unlikely to have postings for openings within the academic units because faculty usually hire from within their own student body. Applications are frequently described as to their location in the progression toward completion and will appear in bins within Slate Reader.


For more information disseration the certificate programs or their Gainful Employment disclosure, click the corresponding links after their descriptions.

guuide If adding a secondary advisor you can use your mouse to enter it on the line directly under the advisor you just added. Final date for May doc If the application and supporting credentials are submitted electronically, processing time is reduced significantly, and files may be completed and ready for departmental review quickly.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)

These standards must be consistent with Graduate School admission policies. Graduation Information and Important Dates — Important Information for Graduating Students The Graduation Application page includes information regarding how to apply, fees, final plans of study and other information.

The Final Copy — Doctoral Students Submit the final copy of the dissertation pdf file via the online submission site. Converting the File to a PDF. Use Insert, Page Numbers, and Format to set the small Roman numerals for the preliminary materials and then the Arabic numbers for the text of the document.

If you write the document in a series of sections, remember that all sections must be saved as one file. See below for eligibility requirements and instructions to search for one of these assistantship openings. As usual, this event is completely free to current students.