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Your response will be evaluated based on how well organized and focused your writing is, how well you develop and elaborate on your ideas, and your grammar and mechanics. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Don’t forget to watch the Writing web seminar which gives you a lot of tips on how to score high on the writing section of the exam:. I’ve called around and asked some employers, and I can’t find anyone who has even heard of abcte. But there are no questions that come directly from the study guides online. This shows you are following their directions. Let those warnings prompt you to work hard and study, but not that this is impossible.

The company that administers this test is a not-for-profit company. To be honest, all of this preparation only took a month, and that was on top of working full-time and raising three children. Trackback URL for this post: On the Essay, be very, very careful of length. They do not give you the material that they test you on.

Which state are you in, Charles? I have been a teacher in Christian schools for 25 years. I’d hate for you not to be able to finish, and then get graded down! Notify me of new comments via email. You really need to focus on completing esway outline in 10 minutes so you can begin typing as soon as possible.

abcte essay examples

It must contain information that will result in a better execution of the activities since a good lesson plan provides a guide in delivering the lessons effectively. THey want it to be short and succinct. Originally Posted by Beachi Write an e-mail to this student’s parents exa,ples the student’s issue and your observations, the supplies the student needs and why he or she needs them, and the importance of coming to school on time and being prepared.


But there are no questions that come directly from the study guides online.

Read the questions carefully for context clues. I am unable to call because I am overseas at present. My question both times was to write a memo to a principal about how to best use parent volunteers in your class.

How I Scored a 6 on the PTK Essay

The subject matter and the ptk tests were neither hard nor rigorous. I know now that I did not format the essay for the PTK as a memo, which was requested in the essay stem, and I did not do it in a five-paragraph format. On the Essay, be very, very careful of length.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. What I was told was I didn’t have five paragraphs and an introduction, body and conclusion. I called at This organization is a farce and is taking advantage of a situation.

abcte essay examples

Sample Prompt 3 You have an idea for a great field trip in order to enhance student understanding of a topic in class. The most difficult part of the essay was the time factor. Plus the materials abcte.

abcte essay examples

But my complaint is that when I was preparing for the essay, I was told to “write like a fifth grader, ” dumb down my sentence length, and above all, avoid misspelling words.


They now have so many resources available on the essay plus a forum where everyone walks you through exactly what to do to pass the essay that failing should not happen. Just make sure you understand how to do a memo.

Day 31 – ABCTE HELP | Msinsights’s Blog

Holden, Thanks for responding to each issue that was raised. Just now I called on the phone to request some information. They provide you with 2 essay prompts and give you immediate feedback which predicts how well you would do on the actual essay. Furthermore, if you want read an article about how honest and reputable these people are here is a link for you; http: Any prejudice from the other teachers?

Okay, that’s valid and I can see the validity of taking a couple points off essat the possible high of 6 points. I am quite familiar with that blog post — the headline and the accusations of plagiarism made in it are quite false. Even on this comment space, spell check is provided. Using the name doc as your first name is absurd as well.