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My application for the job within [company] was successful which I am really pleased about. Miriam brings skills from her many years of involvement in both recruitment and marketing management to ensure your CV is designed to market your strengths. We find jobs before they are advertised by sending your resume to up to companies. I think the CV was a fabulous starting point and highlighted exactly what it needed to, without fussy fonts or graphics. I would recommend Miriam to anyone looking to polish a tired looking resume. Never thought i could look so good on paper. Sometimes it makes sense can’t really have Nintendogs on a product without a touch screen without detracting from the experience, for example , but other than those times where it worsens the product or it is straight up unavoidable, we should do everything we can to avoid it.

WeChat now has some 1 billion monthly active users. But there was an opportunity for me to attend the BFSU. Available to New Zealand-based journalists. It was established as a student forum in and became a commercial website in Here’s a look at its early days and how it has grown to become an app to rival the internet. Luckily they picked me too! I was amazed that a first-generation migrant could become an MP in New Zealand; something which is hardly seen in any western country.

The CV you prepared obviously was of assistance and I thank you for the professional preparation that this provided.

Tell us a little about yourself. Luckily they picked me too! I used my new CV for this application and it definitely helped me to succeed with it.

cover letter skykiwi

Finally, we thank you for your sensitivity and support during this difficult time. I quit my job in Beijing last year and moved to New Zealand.


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WeChat now has some 1 billion monthly active users. As an experienced senior manager Miriam understands the importance of a dynamic and well-structured CV and how it can impact on obtaining that crucial first interview with prospective employers. The turnaround from initial contact to a finalised document was so timely and the whole skykiwj was money well spent.

I really struggled to put myself forward like this!

Skykiwi reporter Sally Chen: NZ’s diversity unmatched

She spoke to the Asia Media Centre about her background as a journalist and her work at Skykiwi. And thank you so much too for the very speedy turnaround on an urgent Cover Letter you did for me — I would absolutely and happily recommend your services to anyone! Thanks again for all the time and spirit expended on my CV, I will always appreciate that.

The fact that Miriam took the time to meet me and assess the requirements and targets my CV needed to reach means I now have a CV exactly tailored to my future career aspirations. I am very happy with the help you gave me. We find jobs before they are advertised by sending your resume to up to companies.

Sponsorship Finding sponsors is never easy, but we help people on all visas find sponsorship in a wide range of industries. We will still continue to explore this area. I accumulated some materials about Chinese investment. Thank you for your assistance.


It is a very professional and appealing document. It is looking good.


cover letter skykiwi

Thank you also for running the Interview Skills workshop with the team. A follow up to let you know I was successful in securing the job and I am very grateful to be sitting here in this new role.

There was also an interview with Zhang Fan, the economic and commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, about the Belt coer Road initiative and what it will bring to New Zealand.

Phone or email Miriam O’Connor about your job search situation: Some Chinese people do not know much about the lteter being debated locally, but when it comes to their own community, their own kids, they will start paying attention. Tell us a little about yourself. The Job Factory is owned and operated by journalist Craig Binnie who has more than 20 lrtter of writing experience at a major Australia newspaper.

Once again thank you for your continued interest and help, it is much appreciated. For example, if you want an accounting job we will give you a list of companies.

I am very happy with the help you gave me. We also did case-study interviews with some companies investing here.

It is a very professional and appealing document. But the real test was sending it out to potential sykkiwi and landing a job I love. I thought that it was well laid out and easy to read.

cover letter skykiwi