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If it does, I think a possible solution is that you can take a photo copy of your FBI Certificate to the appointment, however will have to send in the official FBI Certificate and Apostille to your consulate at a later date for the Visa to be issued in your passport. June 27, at 5: I would call your consulate and talk with someone on the phone to confirm everything. I was wondering about getting a state police background check, instead of an FBI background check. I am so confused by this process! December 1, at 9: I was under the impression that I could use my FBI Background Check and medical clearance from the beginning of the whole application for my Visa processing.

Especially since it took me more than an hour to find the same information on the State Dept. I got my FBI without the apostille. Please call Bill Barnes at Last year I figured out this process through trial and error. August 4, at 1:

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Because of this, the only way to get the apostille as far as I know is to send it to the national Department of State office. Unlike the FBI background check the State police certificate can be obtained and apostilled in just a few days.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

checck The FBI background check results will then be returned to you with the apostille attached a thick paper attached by grommet. Hi, I am like many having difficulties getting everything done for my FBI Background check and apostille.


How to Get FBI Background Check Apostille

Or will you take a trip back home to the US anytime soon? You may check it here. Thank you for all your advise and help. Ask them how to go about sending an envelope so that you can get your results mailed back to you.

Just to make it known, I live in Florida and the Spanish consulate I have to deal with is the lether in Miami, so if anyone has ANY experience, it would be lovely to have some input on them!

August 2, at 2: Hi Ben, The program let us know only last week May 21 that we were accepted.

5 Steps To Get your FBI Background Check Apostille For Use in Korea

I live in NY, had trouble getting a visa appointment they were booked for the next 3 months! July 28, at 2: I figure that any constituent could put in the same request in any other district—should their Congressional Office decide to take up their case. I have called and emailed, but to no avail. California Apostille processes all types of documents issued in the U. I wrote on the check that I needed it authenticated. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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I just had a quick, somewhat borderline dumb question, about the FBI check. Thanks for posting this Andrea! The women entered all of my info and told be the visa process was started but that I would need to come back with the remaining documents and then at that point they would actually take my passport in order to put the actual visa in it.


Form Fbi Background Check Pa Criminal Application Record Apostille Andrew On

Despite the fact that they are over 90 days old? Standard Form Linear Equation. Send your package to the following address: This is his quote: What happens if i dont get the paperwork done before October 1st?

From my experience, I was able to send my original FBI background aapostille back to their office and they returned it to me authenticated.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Your paperwork could be rejected costing you time and money. By then I realized that 90 backggound had past and had to reapply for a second check. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for faster return of your documents.

How to Apostille a FBI Background Check

So are our medical and FBI background certificates out of date already?!?!? July 15, at 3: I also have my Authentications letter and am waiting on the background check to come back. June 14, at 3: November 30, at 9: