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Currently, administrative and project management procedures are elaborated to enable the project to kick off. Bio-Economy in itself cannot be considered as self-evidently sustainable. Folgen Sie uns auf: That also means that I interfere in politics, talk to members of the parliament and representatives of the forestry industry and critically observe and comment on proposed legislation. The most valuable extracurricular experience was an internship at the German Aerospace Center DLR which I could successfully prolong to develop my master thesis in field of Urban Sprawl in Europe. My bachelor studies had prepared me to the satisfaction of my employers, since at least in principle everything works similarly in Australia. The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry.

In addition to the natural science, ecological and forestry subjects, important key qualifications such as teamwork, communication, foreign languages and the use of digital media are taught. Most mobile phones deliver data that determines our location even more precisely and, above all, uninterruptedly. Rollentausch am Wald campus. Graduation at the HNE: I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics.

In addition, the helpful and supportive staffs in Eberswalde and Warsaw, as well as the latest software versions and facilities provided, always impressed me.

Sinceshe has also been working as a lecturer for a module in her former Master’s programme at Humboldt University in the summer semester.

For two weeks, expert practitioners specialized in the field set up ten professional courses, and intend to develop and enhance students’ spatial thinking and practical skills bavhelor those area related to GIS. What I liked most about the program was its flexible schedule, that allows students to specialize in different disciplines.


Bachelor Programmes

Uwe Kies Germany, IFEIT graduate “Considering my time at the Applied University in Eberswalde I remember interesting courses, exciting experiences abroad and a friendly and creative atmosphere between professors, faculty staffers and international students.

The atmosphere in Eberswalde is simply special. Finding your location on a phone is no longer a novelty, it has become a standard consumer expectation. She has been attending 2 semesters abroad: FIT made me a professional in environmental informatics.

Graduation at the HNE: The BioEcoN Project aims to developing teaching materials ont he topic of bio-economy. Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning. All Departments 5 Documents 22 Researchers.

Here are some opinions about the study place Eberswalde and the career opportunities of graduates. Each of the PhD thesis will research on one part of the ecosystem such as analysing the roots as well as flora and fauna.

hnee bachelor thesis

During my internship in Panama, I analyzed the effects of ownership titles within a national park. Study Study Programmes Consultation Application. This forms a rather unique niche which gains rapidly increasing importance in environmental sciences. Study Study Programmes Consultation Application. The purpose of this paper is to Today I work in a forestry consulting firm that supports private forest owners throughout Germany.

Most mobile phones deliver data that determines our location even more precisely and, above all, uninterruptedly. WhereCamp at TU Berlin. Because I found GIS thexis interesting, my master thesis was connected with its use for the environmental analysis.


Faculty of Forest and Environment

Obwalden Schaffhausen Schwyz Solothurn St. Professors and students are in close contact and there are much easier opportunities for cooperation.

hnee bachelor thesis

Mund envisions to develop an urban green index based on remote sensing products. HNEE will also present efforts on logistics and forest growth and yield. The purpose of this paper is to assess the effect of tax havens on the economy of OECD countries. Durch das Weitersurfen auf idw-online. Phien Sayon and participate in several forest and ecosystem protection acitivies in Cambodia applying his UAV aerial image collection capacity and exchange knowledge about using UAS for nature protection and conservation topics in South-East Asia.

Today mapping and navigation are amongst the most popular everyday usages of mobile devices. At the end of the meeting the team agreed on work packages to be implement until the next technical meeting in June in Finland.

Nearly all the courses were very stimulating and intellectually challenging. In the years after my studies I always find myself in situations where I think enthusiastically or happily: When I finished high school I wanted to see other places and gain international experience.