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Development is not assessed within the new HL P3 and so is not included in this booklet. Read on for the first week’s activity. IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 2 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com Loan capital 0 Net assets Z Retained profit 8 Share capital 2 Short term borrowing 0 Stock 0 Total current assets 30 Total current liabilities 48 a i Define the term copyright 2 marks A copyright is legal right to protect and be the sole beneficiary from artistic and literary works which includes VTE computer software a ii Identify two disadvantages for VTE of operating as a private limited company 2 marks There are legal formalities and administration costs involved in establishing the business It can be quite difficult for shareholders Kate Kerr to sell shares b i Calculate the missing figures X Y Z and with those figures and from the financial information provided construct a complete balance sheet for VTE for 7 marks X 10 Y 48 Z 10 P a g e 8 Sign in Already have an account? Something new that I’ve tried this year to get the students more involved in their learning of the pre-seen case study is to get them to create a classroom display.

Browsing the Latest Snapshot. I watched this documentary this week with my IB HL Economics students; it is prefect for where we are in the Development course so far. The Imperial – Week 2 classroom activity. Are you the publisher? This means valuable revision time is likely to be wasted. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Do the workers at RDB have job security? Import data collected with TI handhelds.

HL Paper 2 Model Answers :

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy. Below is a list of some of the things you could try as part of your revision plan: The Research Dase How do I come up with a good research question?


ib b&m case study 2015

Not only can this help to improve the classroom environment, it also means RDB is always on the minds of the students when in the classroom! Detailed Diagrams – Indirect Taxation.

ib b&m case study 2015

Read on to get the download of the True or False game. The use of the turnitin for originality checking supports the ideas and other forms of intellectual Property which places the importance of using this online software helping students to avoid plagiarism and to produce an acceptable piece of EE project.

Already have an account? Read on for details of some of the poster ideas for this case study RDB Case Study Then followed a lively discussion that led into the differences between leadership and management and formal and informal leadership. How up-to-date are the data?

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IB Economics Workbook. It is vital to build in revision time to learn your quantitative methods. Development – History of Congo. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Important Information We have placed cookies stufy your device to help make this website better.

HL Paper 1 Model Answers :

Great to link with TOK as well. Read on for further details Tackling the exam paper: We have formulated a strategy after speaking to some other IB Economics teaching colleagues with a guide to attaining full marks in the final question of the new paper 2.

ib b&m case study 2015

This week’s activity is to get students to prepare their own time line of the events in the case study The game is developed by tutor2u’s very own Jon Clark, so thank you to Jon for making this fully editable game for us to use. Nothing beats a 0215 when your students are engaged in learning from the first minute to the last. The words you are searching are inside this book.



Browsing the Latest Snapshot. IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 1 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com Award 10 12 marks if the student s answer meets the shudy criteria A response with accurate specific well detailed knowledge and understanding of relevant issues concepts and theories A response that uses appropriate terminology competently throughout the response Information from the case study the extension material in Section C and where applicable from other responses within Section C is proficiently synthesised and integrated to provide a basis for analysis and evaluation A response that includes judgments and or conclusions that is well supported and underpinned by a thorough and balanced analysis Explicit references to the information in the case cawe and the extension material within Section C are made throughout the response Additional information is on the following pages P a g e 21 Next, use some questioning techniques that expand and deepen their learning.

The essays are all in PDF 3. Get them to watch this short video clip on YouTube to caxe how ball bearings are made It isn’t easy, but tsudy is important!

Are they proud to work for RDB? There is a catch