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They claimed it was attached in an email but if you look at my screenshot they never attached anything, only thing attached was my assignment instructions. On top of that the rest of the questions were strictly multiple choice, but some of the answers they provided were not part of the multiple choice. Users 9 votes 3. Be the first to leave a review. The truth is, that there is many phony websites out there offering free or cheap homework help for students. I got mine in less than a day. Yes, the site is legit.

Click here for more information OK. What kind of “Experts” do they have that miscalculate an answer so badly that it isn’t one of the four choices the test gives you?? He said that it would get completed within that hour. Get answers from the HomeworkDoer staff and other customers. Most real tutors will have modern websites that look polished and professional.

Most often, banks will refuse to credit your checking account if you pay using a debit card. Related Questions I just sold my soul online, I’m not sure if it was legit.

Is anyone familiar with the homework doer people? if so are they legit?

Where is the company located? The academic arena is therefore under pressure to produce competent and job worthy individuals who can t5ake up tasks and complete with ease. I just had to come back a year later and say don’t trust this site.


is homework doer legit

Anyone know any legit compnaies hiring for people to work from home? Give me the history of assistive technology from ancient to modern time? I got a B on the paper and it iss done in 16 hours. I was able to get my money back through PayPal homeork. Is anyone familiar with the homework doer people?

I would recommend anyone. Are the llama, dolphin, parrot, and manatee the great species of the Milk Way? That was three hours ago and still no assignment. The sooner you realize that you will have to pay for quality homework tutoring the better. How long does shipping take? They wont pay for work done.

Gotta have this number on standby.

And gave them 2 weeks to complete it. Most recent Top score Most helpful Worst score.

Top Essay Writing Services by Customers’ Preferences

Currently working two jobs and taking an online chem class. Does anyone else get tired of hearing about other people’s homework? Although online writing platforms aim at aiding the clients accomplish their academic goals, they offer their services at a given fee.

I got mine in less than a day. You have never heard of it before Last but not least, the best homework helping services are well known. Couldn’t have done it better myself. They lured me in by letting me pay half upfront.


Review (Legit or Scam & Fraud?)

I had a paper and I never received it. But, the people on this site, who refer to themselves as scholars, are people who lack any form of college education. Hello everyone, I’m writing this review from a personal experience, I’m Asiphyx By username I recently ordered a 26 question algebra test from this company, and I thought everything was going well until I got the test.

Also, this is the guy who I sent the money to.

is homework doer legit

I gave them two weeks to do my paper and they just didn’t do it. There are no reviews off of the website Another telling sign of a fake homework assistance service is the fact that they have no authentic reviews outside of their website.

My homework was perfect. The quality of the website is a good indicator of the quality of the service. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of Trustmus. But Now I am taking regular study service from Homework minutes, I found them quite better than any other else in respect of cost and materials.