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The doctorate proceedings must be opened within a period of two months after receipt of the application. The doctor title may be withdrawn if it is revealed at a later date that the candidate culpably contributed to incorrect decisions by the relevant bodies, and that the candidate thus obtained an advantage leading to awarding of the doctor title. The candidate is to be given the opportunity to make a statement before withdrawal of the degree. If the rigorosum or disputation are not passed, the candidate may apply once to repeat the rigorosum or disputation as part of the same doctorate proceedings within a period of 12 months, but at the earliest after three months. This is because the academic work thesis should produce results that promote the development of specific area of scholarship, its theories, methods and procedures. The meetings of the Doctorate Commission are not public.

Where masculine titles or functions are used in these Regulations, they shall be considered to apply equally to both male and female persons. Doctoral Studies The Faculty of Education would be delighted to welcome you as a future doctoral candidate. The Doctorate Commission holds the rigorosum cf. Additional publication in electronic form is possible. The rigorosum and disputation are generally held in the German or English language.

It is held by the members of the Doctorate Commission and chaired by the chairperson.

kumulative dissertation tu dresden

It must contain new scientific findings and must satisfy the demands of science in respect of the kumulatife used and the form of presentation. Registration is, of course, optional.

If the doctorate application and the submitted documents do not satisfy the prerequisites cf.

All lecturers of the School of Science are to be invited to the corresponding council meeting. A thesis may be produced with or in exceptional cases without the scientific supervision of a lecturer of the School of Science.


Doctorate Studies

Once accepted, the thesis may not be amended or revised, with the exception of orthographic or grammatical corrections. On this website, you will find all the important information you will need. The Doctorate Committee may charge its chairperson with the performance of duties in accordance with Para.

kumulative dissertation tu dresden

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A three-quarters majority of those eligible to vote is required for acceptance of a proposal. These are determined either in the supervision-agreement with the supervising professor or by the Doctoral Board.

When an appeal is received by the Chairperson of the School of Science, the School Committee is to make a decision on the appeal within three months, for which purposes it is to hear the candidate concerned and, in the case of appeals in accordance with Para.

When applying for the opening of doctorate proceedings, the candidate must make a written proposal regarding the two subject areas to be examined in the rigorosum and the lecturers who are to examine these subject areas. In exceptional cases, candidates who do dersden meet the requirements of Para. Bi-national doctorate proceedings lead to the granting of a doctorate degree on the basis of a doctorate thesis.

All those present are entitled to ask questions, though the dresdem may reject questions which do not address the scientific subject of the discussion.

Requirements Doctoral Degree and Study Regulations 2. Doctoral Studies The Faculty of Education would be delighted to welcome you as a future doctoral candidate. A proposal to confer an honorary doctorate may be submitted to the School Committee by at least two professors, specifying sufficient grounds and with the approval of a three-quarters majority of all lecturers of the faculty concerned.

Doctorate Studies — Faculty of Environmental Sciences — TU Dresden

The candidate may apply for special provisions to be laid down by the Doctorate Committee in justified cases. The lecturers and professors are entitled to reserve a vote for or against acceptance of the thesis during the period of inspection. I herewith declare that I have produced this paper without the prohibited assistance of third parties and without making use of aids other than those specified; notions taken over directly or indirectly from other sources have been identified as such.


The acceptance as a doctoral candidate may require certain conditions to be met e. Skip to secondary navigation. The rigorosum is not public.

Regulations for Obtaining a Doctoral Degree — School of Science — TU Dresden

Decisions regarding recognition of the equivalence of foreign qualifications are made by the Doctorate Committee on the basis of relevant equivalence treaties. The members of the committee are required to maintain confidentiality. The declarations in accordance with No.

kumulative dissertation tu dresden

Appeals can be entered in writing to the Chairperson of the School of Science within one month after receipt of the corresponding decision. If the deadline is exceeded culpably, then all rights acquired through performances during the doctorate proceedings are nullified and the doctorate proceedings are terminated without the awarding of the doctorate degree. Skip to secondary navigation.

Doctoral Studies

Additionally, we would like to point you to the general alumni network of the TU Dresden. The certificate is to contain a brief summary of the grounds for the conferment and the merits of the recipient. The Doctorate Committee performs the following duties: