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In following with these objectives, two series of studies were conducted. Spiny amaranth density Duration of weed interference Low High P conc. Phosphorus application by either method resulted in greater lettuce yields at all durations of weed interference. The nutritive value of amaranth grain Amaranthus caudatus. This may have been due to moisture at the soil surface being inadequate for weed seed germination to occur. Relatively large amounts of phosphorus P fertilizer are required to obtain a lettuce crop of good quality and yield on high organic matter soils Sanchez and Burdine,

Hoeing also results in damage to lettuce plants Dusky and Stall, Copyright [name of dissertation author]. The amaranth seedling emergence was very sparse in the fall experiment until two to three weeks after the crop was planted. Broadcast application resulted in greater yields than band application in weed-free duration of weed interference equal to 0 lettuce but not where weeds were present for any duration. Hall, a and these terms have even been used synonymously Glauninger and Holzner, In the fall experiment Mg concentrations showed a response to duration of weed interference but not to the other experimental factors Table 3.

Interactions between weeds and literatur plants are found to be mediated by the availability of resources consumed during plant growth e. In the spring experiment there was an interaction between P application and duration of weed interference Table 3. When plant populations of amarwnthus are low, the seed heads become extremely large and do not properly dry.

Those species exhibiting greatest response to P also showed the most severe deficiency under low P conditions.

If sunlight interception by a plant is reduced due to shading caused by a neighbor plant then interference for light necessarily occurs Aldrich, Regardless of the method used, P Table 3.


Studies have been conducted to compare some of the alternative approaches to competition analysis when applied to specific situations Rejmanek et al.

Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated that nutrients can be important in influencing the outcome of interspecific plant competition in agricultural settings Hall, b; Siddiqi et al. This treatment was included for each species in order to show the overall response to CP under the conditions of the study. Each of these methods is useful for answering a unique set of questions Cousens, In the Gainesville experiment, in addition to the treatments listed in Table 4.

Durations of weed interference in days after plots established. Monocultures of each of two species are established along with mixtures of the two species at varied proportions. Lettuce yield loss due to weed interference was not explained by nutritional status.

Using the same procedure as in the initial filling, additional soil was added to again fill the pots. Inyield reduction occurred in a curvilinear fashion Figures 3.

Hoeing requires a high labor input. Studies are cited in which redroot pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus L.

literature review on amaranthus hybridus

Most of the remainder was grown on histosols in the central region of the state. Lettuce heads of these samples were cut up, dried and stored at 60 C.

Literature review on amaranthus hybridus – Don’t have time to do homework

It may be that where yield was potentially less i. Leaves of apples grown with groundcover were found to have reduced N levels. They found that competitive interference occurred for P with common lambsquarters being more aggressiveand to a lesser extent for N in which case wheat was more aggressive.


The influence of one nutrient on competition may also be dependent on the status of other nutrients. On high organic matter soils in Florida, relatively large amounts of phosphorus fertilizer are required for lettuce production Sanchez and Burdine, Notify me of new comments via email. View all posts by reynamarler Under low weed density lettuce yields were affected only in the experiment even though weed biomass achieved in the two spring studies was comparable Table 3.

In Botswana, it is referred to as morug and cooked as a staple green vegetable. Plant competition studies provide a means of evaluating the effects that certain management practices have on weed and crop interactions Conolly, Preliminaries 2 and 3 were conducted in an air-conditioned glasshouse during June and July of However, Glauninger and Holzner consider space to be just the combined effects of competition for light, nutrients and water.

Literature review on amaranthus hybridus

In the fall experiment Mg concentrations showed a response to duration of weed interference but not to the other experimental factors Table 3. This P concentration response to fertilizer P application by lettuce somewhat parallelled the response of lettuce yields to P application, as previously discussed, for the two spring studies.

A randomized complete block experimental design with four replications and with a split onn treatment arrangement was used for each experiment.

literature review on amaranthus hybridus