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She also discusses a new film on which she is currently working, called Burning Down My House, and describes the vital contribution of Fine Arts departments to universities. Skip to primary navigation. Return to primary navigation. Read more , or check the complete list of programmes to apply for right now. There will be no candidacy exam. Men and women agree on problems in their sex lives, University of Waterloo study suggests.

Issues in Journalism She and her colleagues have a firm answer to students who worry they are fated to starve. As if that weren’t enough for one day, all five finalists for the Scotiabank Giller Prize will be appearing Saturday at 8 o’clock for an evening of eclectic readings, hosted by the CBC’s Carol Off. The writing major leads to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, depending on the non-program courses selected. Our program is designed so that teaching will be one of the skills you’ll graduate with, to better prepare you for the job market.

By moving away from studying literature as an art mffa and toward a theoretical deconstruction of “texts,” English departments have “created a hunger that’s not being satisfied,” he says. For admission to the program, an undergraduate degree in any discipline and from any accredited college or university will be necessary. Skip to page content. To apply for the MFA program, please submit a portfolio of writing samples in the genre you wish to study. As far as we know, no other Canadian institution presently includes an emphasis on the teaching of writing, which is a specialized area of education, as well as the writing itself.


Theatrical Production WS WRIT with writkng grade of B or better. Applicants creaitve have a minimum cumulative B GPA and an undergraduate degree.

Graduate studies – University of Victoria

Letters are submitted electronically as part of your application to Graduate Admissions. Detailed Programme Facts Starting in Interested in joining our succesful grad program? You will work closely with internationally known and published faculty who respect and encourage their creative visions and voices.

The caliber of guidance was amazing. Report an error Editorial code of conduct. But the taint remains. Writing Portfolio Latest News Click to read about all our summer news.

mfa creative writing uvic

Skip to secondary navigation. Many scholarships are either merit-based wrtiing needs-based. WRIT,,,,,,,, and may count toward either a Major in Writing or a Minor in Professional Writing in Journalism and Publishing, but not both.

To create MFA graduates ready to publish and to be candidates for teaching jobs at the post-secondary level. Back to Cannabis Professional.

Writers: graduating by the bushel, but can they find readers?

Typically, you will take three courses in each of the first two terms of study and complete the major writing portfolio during the next three terms. Read most recent letters to the editor. Skip to page content. On the other hand, it ensures a reliable supply of competent instructors freative programs that continue to proliferate despite what “everybody knows” about the fate of literary fiction. Can writing that is truly creative actually be taught, as if it were an engineering problem solvable mffa ironclad equations?


The test has four sections reading, listening, speaking, and writingeach with a score range offor a total score range of Instructional Skills Prep In this video, he describes his personal experience with the kibbutz movement, and explains what modern society should learn from the strength writiing the kibbutz movement’s sense of community.

University of Victoria, British Columbia.

mfa creative writing uvic

These should be summarized in one to three pages. We mentor students in the major genres of creative writing, including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenwriting and playwriting, and offer a Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publishing.

You also should submit a word statement of purpose, which will include an account of what you hope to accomplish in the graduate program and a rough description of the work you wish to pursue in your major writing project.

Writing A Sense of Place One now-traditional criticism of such processes is that they produce homogenous results, often identified as “workshop stories” or “Iowa novels” by skeptics.