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Following command compiles all java files in current directory so that each class file ends up in proper directory under current directory: The system will not work if you use a network architecture that allow only to the Moodle server connect to the jail server. But if you or someone else has programming experience, I encourage any to contribute. Once, the test has been started, user can watch video no more. The previous VPL versions kept the connection from the Moodle server to the execution server with a high resource use.

Course material has been developed including Lectures, Quizzes, Assignments, Notes etc. Also, let me know how to stop the program from running or auto evaluating if string not found in the program. So it’s very unpredictable. What VPL version is showing this problem? I set up a new moodle on a fresh Ubuntu in a virtual box and it worked with the unaltered jail-server right away.

I don’t have a answer to your problem, I need spare time to reproduce your installation and find out the problem.

Moodle in English: New Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) module

If you don’t have the possibility of use another dedicated machine as “execution moodld server”, you might use a virtualization software, as VirtualBox, to install there the “execution server”. Hi Aivaar, Thanks for your bug report and for your code to reproduce the problem. By the way, I am documenting my progress and putting sample VPL activities on my wiki, mostly so that I can remember how to set this up when the time comes next semester.

This is the original thread of the first post, at the “General plugins” forum, announcing the public availability of VPL in Moodle.


To check if your execution server is running try this command from your execution server console wget http: Then after a few seconds a popup shows this. Indentations in preformated feedback text doesn’t show on editor page. If your are in a hurry, try using Ubuntu, if not, you may wait my response in a moovle days. Can you please help me out with showing only one test case to the user no matter if that test case passed or not.??

My objective is to try the functionalities of the VPL first before pushing it to our organization.

Moodle plugins directory: Upload notification

It’s free and available for Windows and Linux. Please, tell me the details of your execution enviroment to have more information. Actually the first file was left empty I assumed it will be filled by predefined file contentbut second file had correct name.

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I’ve done all steps from documentation of VPL white installing. Students can receive mails for new material and a changelog will be generated for updated documents provided in the course. The website is to deliver a site where religious teachings will be taught. What is the cause of the problem, and how to solve this issue?

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Functional Highlights ISO In the fc VPL release, the decode process will be added in the default script and all the files with b64 extension will be decoded to a binary file with the same name but with the b64 extension removed.


A few ideas why it still doesn’t work for you: Mla format subtitles research paper. I’ve upgrade to the latest version of the Jail service and created a new and empty jail folder and now everything works perfectly fine. Sometimes I change VPL tests after the students have submitted their solutions and I try to reevaluate all submissions. If none, how do i revert back to the old version of vpl e.

moodle fcc homework

The website is a moodle based homewlrk but its look and feel is changed to such an extent that it does not look to be a Moodle site. Please let me know.

As a consequence I increased the number of processes in the jail config file, but without any effect. How do I test it?

moodle fcc homework

I will try to answer your questions about java output terminal. Sorry, but the output terminal is almost a dumb terminal and it does not emulate terminals as “VT”. I am testing now VPL with Moodle 2. By the way, where can I find uninstall information for both the VPL moodle plugin and the jail server? You are currently using guest access Log in. If you need an specific script due to your activity, but you plan to use this script in other activities then you can homswork using the feature “based on”.