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Pradeepika Chintha Plant Sciences Badlands 10 a. While they are doing so, the competitors will talk about why they chose to come to NDSU and what they hope to do with their degree. This competition provides an opportunity to show them the value of graduate education. Mourya Reddy Software Engineering Hidatsa 10 a. Tuesday, February 28, 2:

General Competition Rules A single static PowerPoint slide is permitted no slide transitions, animations, or movement of any description. Tayebeh Anajafi Marzijarani Program: The event, which highlights graduate student research, is hosted by the College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies. NDSU graduate students actively participate in leading-edge research. Permalink to this article. The competition was sponsored by Sanford Health. Presentations are to be delivered via spoken word i.

Did the presenter convey enthusiasm for their research? Julie Pasche, assistant professor of plant pathology. Kutay Yilmaz Plant Sciences Prairie 10 a.

Swetha Thiyagarajan Pharmaceutical Ndeu Badlands 11 a. A typical 80,word thesis would take nine hours to present; the participants are given just three minutes.

Three Minute Thesis Competition

jdsu This was the first round and included graduate students with research focuses that ranged from mniute sciences to civil engineering. Lessons from an Urban Adolescent Population”. Kayla Carlson Public Health Badlands 10 a.


Hanaa Mansour Animal Sciences Hidatsa 10 a. The competition began with 42 graduate students from a variety of disciplines competing in early rounds.

Presentations are to commence from the stage. There are different audiences, different backgrounds, and we should be able to explain scientific research so everyone can understand it. Was it clear, legible, and concise? This year was the fifth year graduate students have hosted the event. No additional props i.

A total of 40 graduate students started the initial rounds of the NDSU competition, and Fouladi was selected from a field of six finalists. Yagna Jarajapu, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences. More than universities in 27 countries now hold competitions. Answers to these questions will not affect the score, but it offers an excellent opportunity for you to interact with the audience.

ndsu three minute thesis

Matthew Crouse Animal Sciences Mandan 11 a. Was the presenter careful not to trivialize or generalize their research? Did they maintain a steady pace and have a confident stance? The decision of the adjudicating panel is final.

Three Minute Thesis competition puts spotlight on student research | NDSU News | NDSU

Charles Okigbo, professor of communication. Shafiqur Mintue, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering. Her career goal after earning her doctorate is to work at a research laboratory at either a pharmaceutical company or university.


For the championship round, the judges will leave the room to determine the scores. Pranothi Mulinti Pharmaceutical Sciences Mandan 10 a.

ndsu three minute thesis

The competition was sponsored by Sanford Health. Communication and Engagement Did the oration make the audience want to know more?

NDSU Repository

We suggest dressing in a manner that will allow the microphone to be clipped to the top of your shirt and slipped into a pocket or attached to a waistband or the like. While they are doing so, the competitors will talk about why they chose to come to NDSU and what they hope to do with their degree. Seyedali Hosseinirad Plant Sciences Mandan 11 thrsis. Presentations are to be delivered via spoken word i.

Competitors are required to send their PowerPoint slide to the Graduate School prior to the competition. She described the competition as exciting and beneficial.

The competition began with 57 contestants giving presentations in eight preliminary rounds.