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The story isn’t so much about the hw machine as it’s about the effect the machine has of the characters lives. The story is made up of a bunch of interviews of the people involved in the book by the police. May 08, Y rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this book so much Actually, the only thing I need your help with is filtering the posts that go on the blog, like you do with my posts. This is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone.

Just when the D Squad thinks things can’t get any more out of control, Belch becomes much more powerful than they ever imagined. Of course the kids were all wondering about how, exactly, Brenton created such a machine, but there was also lots of discussion about the 4 students’ similarities, differences, and growth over the course of the book, and there was even some discussion about chess vs. And they go there every day. He never did any homework, and look how he turned out. I like the character Snik.

Review: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

Sam doesn’t believe him, and after Kelsey and Judy hear them talking, the kids go to Brenton’s house to check out “Belch” aka The Homework Machine. These children create a machine named Belch that does their homework for them, but things spiral out of control and serious consequences are threatening to materialize Most every child dreams of the day when their is no more homework, and this book explores that fantasy and the age old wise tale of “be careful what hhe wish for.


The story is strange, the setting is unbeleiveable, the characters are wooden sterotypes and their behavior is unlikely. Brenton is a genius and has invented, programed and used a homework machine. Sam’s a newcomer and has had his share of school trouble before; Kelsey quietly carries her grief at losing her father; Judy’s righteous sense of indignation constantly irritates others; and Brenton.

March 30, at 6: To view it, click here. There’s some weird stuff with a stalker and the machine near the ending. It works out in the end, but that was just not right. While the boy genius is perfectly capable of doing the homework himself, Sam, Kelsey and Judy could use the help. There are touches of humor in the way the four classmates talk about themselves and one another.

The Homework Machine

You are commenting using gutmam Google account. Sam, son of an army dad, also plays a lot of chess throughout, which we liked hearing about as my son too enjoys playing chess. May 08, Y rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has a lot of mysteries and a huge twist.

the homework machine summary dan gutman

It reminds me of myself because I always have wanted to have a machine to do my mafhine for me. Gr Fifth-grader Brenton is a computer genius, but the other three members of his work group think he’s a nerd.

The Homework Machine – By Dan Gutman – Reinhardt Realm Wiki

What are your thoughts on this? Ominous hints about the legal trouble maintain tension throughout the story, but its exact nature isn’t revealed until near the end. The Homework Machine Author: Wisecracking Sam makes fun of Brenton but needs his help in playing chess by mail with his dad, who is serving in Iraq. Jul 09, Jerry rated it liked it. Nov 05, Mnmstaten rated it really liked it.


The macnine of the homework machine. At a school daj the Grand Canyon, a genius-level student invents a machine that can do his homework, and shares this with the other three kids he sits w Multi-narrator school story that had my son and I discussing the ethics.

Has Dan Gutman ever been to Arizona?

the homework machine summary dan gutman

eummary I read this book with my fifth-grader, and he loved it! Brenton is super smart. By the way, nice report. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Soon there’s an even scarier problem why can’t the Homework Machine be turned off? Mar 31, Vian Selvanathan rated it really liked it.

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the homework machine summary dan gutman

The dynamics within the group are stressful as well. I didn’t like this book because to me I felt like there wasn’t much of a plot to the story and it doesn’t make any since at all.